« The joy of learning, again and again! »

On this site you will be able to discover the catalog of my publications, with musical extracts, scores in pdf version, a brief history of the harp, video lessons to introduce you to the harp at your own pace, free videos to learn pieces alone. I will be delighted to receive your comments and take the time to answer all your questions. See you soon !


Publications Etrangères

As a harpist, I wanted to share my passion for music through concerts, teaching and writing.

I have always loved the contact with the students, and especially with the children to whom I feel very close. They are the ones who have inspired me for most of my work.

This is how I first edited my first book, “ I play the harp with Gribouille ”. This is a method that is aimed at young (and not so young) beginners who have no knowledge of music theory to begin with. You learn everything at the same time, notes, rhythm and harp, in a very progressive and efficient way. Gribouille is a mischievous little cat who accompanies the student in his progress, through short pieces and exercises that are easy to remember. Free space is left on each page for coloring and drawing. Due to the enthusiasm and encouragement of users and my fellow harp teachers, I have re-edited this book in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Then I wrote “ Les amis de Gribouille ”, an educational continuation of the method, together with the “ Large exercise book ”, very technical book complete which took me many years of work.

Finally, a few pieces of chamber music and solos later … I’m going into illustration! This unique project was born in the United States, where I joined my expatriate husband, which allowed me to experience great opportunities for meetings in the artistic (and harp!) World, to participate in beautiful concerts, in particular as a soloist with orchestra, but also… to draw and paint, which I had always put off. So I went back to college to take drawing, painting, and children’s book illustration lessons. I then had all the tools to carry out my musical tale project “ The birthday of Gribouille “!

In this tale, Gribouille grew up. He loves chocolate more than ever and shares good moments of bonding with his friends! So that everyone can tell this story to the children, I have integrated QR codes in front of each score which, when scanned with a smartphone, allow you to listen to the music recorded on the harp.
I have also made available to musicians, young and old, these scores in several forms; piano, harp in advanced version (the simplified version being in the book), piano for four hands, two harps, piano and flute or violin … to download for free, to play in class as part of an educational project, or at the house, simply to have fun!

Isabelle Frouvelle
To find out more: www.isabelle-frouvelle.com