Le Bal des Fantômes

The Ghost’s Ball

Instrumentation: Celtic harp, large harp – Lever harp, pedal harp

Difficulty – Level: 4th year – 4th year

Material – Material: 4 pages A4 size

Composer – Composer: Isabelle Frouvelle

Date of publication – Date of publication: 2012

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On a cold night, on the edge of a wood, in an old mansion isolated from a ruined village, a ball is given. It is a ball where young people are gathered, who disappeared under strange circumstances a long time ago. Gathered for a strange party, they begin this waltz that is both joyful, melancholy, and somewhat frightening, by moonlight and shimmering candles.

“One cold night, in an old manor, on the edge of the woods, and quite far from the nearest deserted village, a ball is being hosted. It’s a ghost party for young people, murdered in strange circumstances a long time ago. They all had their lives ahead of them to live and now, they are just happy to gather for a feast. They are dancing a joyful, melancholic and, at the same time, a bit frightening waltz, in the light of the moon and shimmering candles. ”