Charlie’s Birthday Harp or Piano sheet music advanced level

Scores of “Charlie’s Birthday”

Composer: Isabelle Frouvelle

Instrumentation: piano or harp (Pedalharp for the last piece)

Difficulty: easy and fairly difficult

Material: 13 short scores corresponding to the music of the musical book “Charlie’s Birthday”. Score of 22 pages in pdf to download.

Release date: December 2020




Original music (recorded on the harp) from the illustrated book “Charlie’s Birthday”. Small illustrative pieces to play on the piano or on the pedal harp throughout the story, in a cheerful and fun style.
  • Introduction
  • Charlie’s Friends’Chat
  • Interlude
  • Charlie Is Sad
  • Cyrus
  • Bedtime
  • Soon It’ll Be Time for the Party
  • Slinky the Snake
  • Bertha the Ostrich
  • Olby the Crab
  • Rufus
  • Poor Me!
  • Finale

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