"Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten"
A beginner`s harp method

DVD DVD "J’apprends la harpe"
Méthode débutants pour tous les âges, en complément de la méthode "Je joue de la harpe avec Gribouille"

Pack méthode:
"Je joue de la harpe avec Gribouille"
+ DVD "J’apprends la harpe"

Welcome on our website, dedicated to harp beginners.

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The decision is made, you will take the step and realize the dream of your childhood ... or accompany your child in his choice to play the harp!

But you still have everything to discover: the repertoire, the story of the instrument evolution over the years, the different kinds of harps, where to find an instrument, a teacher, how to maintain your instrument, how to tune it or to change a string ...

You live in an area where it`s hard to find a harp teacher. Is there any other solution? And if you`ve never learned music theory? ...


Isabelle Frouvelle, harp teacher in several music academies, concert artist, and author of the method "Play the harp with Charlie the kitten" can help you.

She wants to share with you the experience she gained while teaching to kids and to adults.

She is a pioneer in teaching harp by video course and offers some of the pieces she composed or arranged for students in her workshops.

You too can have fun to learn by imitating, or using the available music sheets you can find on this website ...

You will also find her creations through visual or sound clips.

A forum will come to your help and answer all of your questions, and welcome your comments ...


On this website, younger children can find Charlie, the main character of the method, a mischievous kitten who will accompany them in their discovery of the harp.

A page is dedicated to colouring pictures of their little hero, with printable files.

Kids can send us their drawings. The bests ones will be displayed in Charlie`s gallery.

Finally, when they reach the end of the book, they can download a diploma, to be completed and signed by their teacher!

We wish you pleasant hours of music!

Le Livre et la Harpe