L’anniversaire de Gribouille

Genre: Musical tale illustrated with QR codes to listen to music played on the harp on a smartphone, and with scores integrated into the drawings. You don’t need to know how to read music.

To tell to children from 4 to 9 years old, to play at all ages!

Instrumentation: Harp or piano and other versions…

Material: Illustrated book with hardcover, 26cm x 23.5cm format, 40 pages, other versions of the scores in pdf for free download.

Text, compositions and illustrations: Isabelle Frouvelle

Release date: December 15, 2020



“Doodle loves chocolate but is not allowed to eat it. For his birthday, each of his friends, in his own way, will prepare a surprise for him… maybe not to everyone’s taste… ”
Listen to the music
I can’t wait to share Gribouille’s new adventures with you!
This book was designed as both a children’s book and an educational project.
  • For young musicians, pianists or harpists, the scores in the book are in a simplified version.
The following versions are available for free download in PDF format (one-time use promo code on the book), or also available here as a paid download.
  • Flute (or violin) and piano (or harp) duo
  • Piano for four hands
  • Very easy duet with two harps
  • Advanced version for harp or piano
Below are the sheets for each partition:

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