Big Book of Exercises for Harp

Big Book of Exercises for Harp

Instrumentation: Lever harp and Pedal harp

Level: Beginner to advanced.

Material: 184 pages A4 size. Bilingual French-English.

Composer: Isabelle Frouvelle

Date of publication: 2014

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This Big Book of Exercises was designed to be a companion to harpists, be it at the very first stage of playing, moving on from “Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten“, or at a more advanced level. It provides numerous exercises, clear and easy to memorize, which cover every technical aspect of harp playing, i.e. position, placing, focus on the thumbs, suppleness, pressure, evenness, jumps, chords, agility, strengthening, stamina, accuracy, rhythm, pedals, scales and arpeggios in all keys, visual and hearing instincts needed for improvisation, control of all registers…

Exercises are laid out in 24 thematic chapters, and sorted, in terms of difficulty. Almost every single chapter can be started at a beginner’s level, then put aside, and reintroduced later on when some progress has been made.
Teachers have the option to map out their technical guidance, picking out exercises here and there, according to what needs to be learned, reinforced, worked on as a preparation for an upcoming piece, or straightened out (e.g. a temporary weakness).

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