"Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten"
A beginner`s harp method

DVD DVD "J’apprends la harpe"
Méthode débutants pour tous les âges, en complément de la méthode "Je joue de la harpe avec Gribouille"

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"Je joue de la harpe avec Gribouille"
+ DVD "J’apprends la harpe"

The beginner harp method "Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten"

First published in 2002, this method takes into account both learning of harp and music theories basics. Thus the author, Isabelle FROUVELLE, offers you a very progressive and pleasant way of learning this beautiful instrument.

No previous musical knowledge is required.

Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten

"You can find a lot of harp methods, but most of them often have from the very beginning a too high level of expectation, explains the method`s author. For music beginners, too many difficulties are displayed at the same time, discouraging some : complexities of reading both notes and rhythms, hands independence while playing ... So I felt the need, as a teacher, for more progressive way to accompany my beginner students, explains I. Frouvelle.

In my career, I happened to find that music beginning is the most difficult part for the youngest. As lessons went by, I could feel the constraint growth and smiles fading away... until the inevitable they quit.

I then began to write easy pieces and exercises. With few notes and beginning from the harp central C, between the treble and the bass clef, those exercises are more adapted to student`s progress. Range extension and technical difficulties grow then altogether.

Pieces remain short to be quickly learned and thus increase student`s self-esteem. For firsts exercises, both hands are alternated to learn fingers articulation first, without worrying about hands coordination.

Only in the middle of the method begin the polyphonic work, when both hands already have gained some ease.

I believe that having fun must prevail while learning to play an instrument.

Thus stories, notions of gaming, accessibility as well as beautiful pictures and illustrations are always present in this method.

Charlie, the main character of the method was created for that aim ! He is a mischievous kitten who accompanies beginners all along their progression through the method. Furthermore, kids can colour and draw pictures in the method, another way for them for appropriating the book and develop their artistic talents.

With the method finished, students start their independence. The method "Play the Harp with Charlie the Kitten" gives music beginners technical harp basis. Something to suit every tastes : all adult beginners enjoy this pedagogy, and usually complete it very fast !"

You can find here insights of the method`s French version :
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And afterwards ?

After completing the method, students now have firsts solid harp basis. They already can play musical pieces and read a two staffs music sheet. they also gained in hands independence and work methodology.

Our brand new exercise book was released : Big Book of Exercices for harp. This book is aimed at taking over the method until the sixth learning year.

Charlie`s fans can continue their progression through 9 music pieces in Les Amis de Gribouille (Charlie`s Friends). Requiring a level above the method, this music book accompanies through fun and casual pieces, in different styles (flamenco, polka, mazurka, waltz, rhymz, arabisant, etc...).